Handling time before shipping


We will only proceed to shipping upon receipt of payment. It takes 1 to 2 business day for shipping if the item is in stock.


In case, any item in your order is out of stock, we will contact you for further instruction or full refund.





  1. Payment Method


The payment will be settled by using Paypal which provides Buyer Protection for online transaction and payment clearance. 100% Safe and Secure for Buyer and Seller!!! 


You don’t have to have US dollars in hand, but Paypal can exchange for you if you.


1. If you have a Paypal account, you can then send us the money directly.


2. If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can register one at their web site, which is http://www.paypal.com.


3. If you don’t want to register a Paypal account, you can still finish the transaction via Paypal by using Credit Card.


What you need to do is just follow their simple instruction, and then you can settle the payment from your Bank Account or by Credit Card.


No matter your bank account or credit card information will only be received and processed by Paypal. We will not and cannot access your bank account or credit card information. Therefore, your personal information is secure and safe.


For sending the money from Bank Account, it will take 2 to 5 Business Days for processing by Paypal.


For using Credit Card, the transaction will be immediately finished.



Shipping Mode


We normally use the following shipping methods.


  1. First Class Airmail / Registered Airmail / Air Parcel

  2. EMS


No matter what shipping mode will be used, tracking no. will be given for checking the delivery status. Therefore, the shipping is safe and secure.


You can also contact us for using another shipping mode that fits your needs.



Shipping time


1) First Class Airmail / Registered Airmail / Air Parcel


For Registered Airmail, it takes around 5 to 25 business days for delivery.


The following are some statistics (in terms of business days) for your reference.


- U.S., Canada, Australia, and most Asian countries: 5 to 12

- France, Germany, UK , Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, and most Western and Northern European countries: 5 to 14

- Eastern European countries: 6 to 16

- Israel: 5 to 18

- Mexico, South America and Mid-East: 15 to 35


2) EMS


For EMS, it takes 3 to 6 business days for delivery, not including customs clearance time incurred by destination customs which takes about 1 to 2 business days.

For Mexico and South America, it may take around 5 to 14 business days due to long customs clearance time.



Import taxes and duties


In case of customs taxes and duties are levied, buyer is responsible for the charges as well as as well as any managment or handing fees incurred, if any.



Where to check Shipping Status


You use below third party tracking site for easy and detailed delivery status.

1) 17track.net/en

2) aftership.com/



About the Shipping Fees of Wholesale


Shipping fee for any wholesale order is only estimate by the system.


For the bulky and heavy order, excessive shipping fee, if any, will be refunded after shipped.



Return Policy and Problem Solving


Return Policy


We accept buyer’s request to return the item which MUST be in saleable condition for any reason if it is made within 30 days upon receipt of item(s).

Saleable condition means that the item is in like-new condition with all parts and components as well as their packing bags present and intact, and it is packed exactly as packed by the manufacturer(s). Unless the return is necessary because of shipping mistake, defective item or shipping damage, the shipping cost is at buyer’s expense.


Otherwise, if there is any shipping error or the item is defective or damaged during delivery, we will compensate you the product fee or shipping fee. But please wait for our shipping instruction before sending back.


Please contact us at everwish.store@gmail.com within 30 days upon receipt of item, if return is necessary, and wait for our instruction before shipping.


Problem Solving


We are striving to satisfy your needs with not only our products but also customer services. Should you have any problems, please contact us at everwish.store@gmail.com for help and clearly state your problems. Thank you!


In the event that shipping mistake, shipping damage and defective item, we will try to response promptly for further arrangement.


In case of missing shipment, which is confirmed by the post office, we will arrange to replace or refund whatever you prefer.


We will solve all genuine problems through refunds, reshipments, discounts or may be whatever else for reaching a fair and pleasant solution. However, for fraud payments, such as fake credit cards, etc… and complaints with Paypal with fraud statements, we will strongly contest against those. We will also blacklist such customers, meaning that they can no longer buy anything from us, and share information about those customers with other sellers who are selling similar products in order stop them from defrauding any merchants of money any more.





Terms and Conditions on Wholesale:


Update: June 1, 2020

1) When the order payment is cleared, it means that the buyer completely accepts the ''Terms and Conditions''.

2) “Price” is ex-warehouse price which does not include any shipping & handling fees, payment fee, etc... which may be incurred according to shipping method, payment method, as well as other services, if any.

3) Order is managed on First-Pay-First-Ship Basis.

4) Order and related goods will only be processed or prepared when the payment is cleared.

5) Order can not be cancelled when the payment is made, as we will start to prepare the goods and shipping once the payment is cleared.

6) If we need to restock for the order, it normally takes 1 to 5 business days. Further notice will be sent to the buyer if restocking time is more than 5 business days.

7) Buyer is responsible for customs clearance, import tax & duties (if any), and should provide a deliverable address. In case of return, we will only contact the buyer for a second shipment and related shipping fees. Order can not be cancelled.

8) We are not responsible for buyer's business activities or use of the product(s).

9) We are not responsible for the product defects, damages, designs, materials, etc... and any damages or losses due to incorrect uses or misuses, etc... All sales are final.

10) Shipping service providers are out of our control, so the buyer is responsible for selecting proper shipping service or company in order to fit his/her needs. We are not responsible for the problems of shipping such as lost in transit, delay, customs hold, or any unexpected situation due to force majeure. Please carefully choose the most reliable shipping service for your needs.

11) We do not accept any urgent order. Please well prepare your restocking or ordering schedule.