Terms & Conditions on Wholesale

Update: June 1, 2020


Terms and Conditions on Wholesale:

1) When the order payment is cleared, it means that the buyer completely accepts the ''Terms and Conditions''.

2) “Price” is ex-warehouse price which does not include any shipping & handling fees, payment fee, etc... which may be incurred according to shipping method, payment method, as well as other services, if any.

3) Order is managed on First-Pay-First-Ship Basis.

4) Order and related goods will only be processed or prepared when the payment is cleared.

5) Order can not be cancelled when the payment is made, as we will start to prepare the goods and shipping once the payment is cleared.

6) If we need to restock for the order, it normally takes 1 to 5 business days. Further notice will be sent to the buyer if restocking time is more than 5 business days.

7) Buyer is responsible for customs clearance, import tax & duties (if any), and should provide a deliverable address. In case of return, we will only contact the buyer for a second shipment and related shipping fees. Order can not be cancelled.

8) We are not responsible for buyer's business activities or use of the product(s).

9) We are not responsible for the product defects, damages, designs, materials, etc... and any damages or losses due to incorrect uses or misuses, etc... All sales are final.

10) Shipping service providers are out of our control, so the buyer is responsible for selecting proper shipping service or company in order to fit his/her needs. We are not responsible for the problems of shipping such as lost in transit, delay, customs hold, or any unexpected situation due to force majeure. Please carefully choose the most reliable shipping service for your needs.

11) We do not accept any urgent order. Please well prepare your restocking or ordering schedule.